Hi and welcome to our home away from home! We’re Jarrett and Jennie, and we are passionate (some would say obsessed) about providing practical, effective, and realistic self-defense and safety knowledge to women and kids in a positive, fun, and hugely empowering way…

You know learning self-defense is important but you’re super busy, don’t know where to start or what to learn, and being a black-belt ninja who can repel down tall buildings using nothing but dental floss isn’t on your priority list.

We get it! We’re everyday women, just like you, who stumbled into the self-defense world as adults and simply fell in love with how powerful the knowledge and training made us feel. That’s what motivated us to dedicate our lives to teaching what we know to other women; and it’s exactly what we work our butts off to make sure our students achieve from working with us: a refreshed and powerful sense of confidence, worthiness, and awesomeness. We don’t give you personal power, it’s already in you! Our job is to help you reconnect to it, or to strengthen and hone it if you’re well on your personal power path. We’re here to educate and to coach you, but more importantly, to support you in the way that’s best for you.

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We started out on separate, but eerily similar paths, first as students of the Israeli self-defense system of Krav Maga, and then as educators and coaches of self-defense. We both recognized the huge impact that our training had on our lives and felt a calling to help other women experience the same type of transformative experiences. For years we built our businesses around empowering women, offering an alternative to the very formal traditional martial arts, the uber-aggressive military approach of many reality-based self-defense systems, and the overtly feminized bedazzled, sparkly, and pink women-only programs. From day one we offered opportunities for real women, just like us, to learn the essentials of protecting themselves and their families while having fun and connecting with other like-minded ladies.

Here’s a quick video of Jarrett teaching Ellen Degeneres how to defend herself!


We became email pals, then our paths crossed during a large training event in San Antonio, Texas, and the rest, as they say, is history! Well, not quite, but close. We became great friends and colleagues first, using each other as sounding boards and sharing what we had found worked best for our students, until it dawned on us that if we joined forces and worked together toward one unified goal, we could be doubly effective and reach even more women globally. Read: world domination (muahahaha)! And just like that, Jarrett & Jennie Customized Self-Defense was born. Our driving vision?

We use self-defense training as a tool to help everyday women get back in touch with their personal power, which helps them not only exist safer in the world, but show up powerfully in every area of their lives.

Jarrett and Jennie in action

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Our promise to you…

For most women (ourselves included) the thought of having to defend themselves or their family members against someone who wants to do them harm is one of the scariest things they can imagine. We promise to never minimize that fear. We promise to never judge that fear. We promise to be open, honest, and up-front about our own experiences with that fear. We promise to provide content and training environments that are positive, safe, and encouraging platforms on which to address that fear at your own pace with the wholehearted support of the both of us and all of our Jarrett & Jennie community behind you.

How we deliver…

We seek to provide opportunities to learn for all different levels of interest. From free content like our blog, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and our extensive press library of articles and interviews, to our safety gear, training DVDs, and equipment, from our in-person training events held all over the country, to our weekend-long transformative retreats, we want to equip you with the knowledge you’re looking to acquire and the unparalleled support to back you on your journey. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us and let us know how we can help.

Join our community…

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This business is our passion and our heart. Thank you so very much for visiting, and we hope to have the opportunity to train with you in the very near future.

Jarrett Arthur & Jennie Trower

– Jarrett & Jennie

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